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Transport Management System

The Transport Management System (TMS) is a system that manages transportation operations and may be part of an enterprise resource planning system. This software solution helps you to keep the operational costs to the bare minimum and optimize the level of service provided.

Functions of the TMS include:

  1. Planning and optimizing of transport rounds

  2. Inbound and outbound transportation mode and transportation provider selection

  3. Management of transportation

  4. Real time transportation tracking

  5. Service quality control in the form of KPIs

  6. Vehicle Load and Route optimization

  7. Transport costs and scheme simulation

  8.  Cost control, KPI (Key performance indicators) reporting and statistics

  9. Transport Audit

  10. Reduce costs through better route planning, load optimization and mode selection.

  11. Improve accountability with visibility into the transportation chain.

  12. Provide greater flexibility to make changes in delivery plans.

  13. Complete key supply chain execution requirements.

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