RiverCross Tracking Launch vehicle Recovery, Response and Towing services.

To every motorist, the car is a valuable asset. Despite the multiple insurance covers or the constant service check-ups you take your vehicle through, it’s not just enough. The numerous cases of thefts and accidents reported on Kenyan roads since the year began,by October 2018 is 2,300 according to a latest report by NTSA. Once you buy the vehicle, you will realize, it’s not unusual for your vehicle to fall in a ditch and get stuck in mud.


Or In other instances your vehicle could just quit on you in the middle of the road when you are about to go close an important business deal. In response to this, RiverCross has invested and partnered with new service providers to offer clients recovery and towing services which ensures vehicle’s integrity while in transit.

RiverCross’ recovery and Towing services will ensure these services are available to members 24hrs a day. The vehicle is fitted with RiverCross’ GPRS tracking system on the client’s vehicle that ensures constant surveillance wherever the vehicles are deployed across the country which guarantees safety for both the towing and towed vehicle.

Our customer support department is accessible 24/7/365 for inquiries or consultation, we anticipate that the majority of the distress calls will be received in the wee hours of the night. RiverCross support team will immediately take action to inform the service providers on call to deploy security personnel to act in the matter.

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