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Whoever even thought or imagined that the year 2020 would kick off with everyone requiring to relearn the very basic habits that we somewhat took for granted or rarely paid attention to for instance; washing your hands, social distancing, checking on your loved ones regularly, sharing what we have( In the face of economic crisis) and even sticking to curfews…we at RiverCross, certainly did not!

World over we have been pushed to learn how to sit with ourselves, with our thoughts, spend time with our loved ones at home and as for parents with school going children, they are learning how to home school.

It’s an understatement to say that the last few months have been quite something.

Nations are discovering that ideologies that have in the past been labeled as preposterous by many governments are actually very possible. A few of these labeled activities include judicial services being conducted online, learning in universities and entire schools also be conducted online, just to mention a few. It is now more evident than ever that organizations do not have to necessarily rent or own buildings to be able to operation all that is required is actually just good internet connection. Finally guess what! It is possible for taxes to be reduced. Interesting, don’t you think?

The pandemic has seen new possibilities and trends emerge. One such possibility is that the transport and logistics department can actually be ran from anyone and that all that is required is good internet connectivity and a reliable partner to assist in monitoring their movable assets.

An emerging trend currently notable in China is the possibility of monitoring and identifying of people who could actually be infected with Covid19 by simply using their smart phones. On the flipside, the question we need to ask ourselves is how this kind of surveillance and technology will be used once the pandemic is over?

Governments all over the world are learning the importance of sharing information on an almost real time basis. Covid19 has proved that what happens in one end of the world will affect the other end of the world. The lessons learnt in China in the morning about treating the sick will definitely help Africa in the evening.

Closing down borders to foreigners won't do the trick in the long run because activities like businesses will stall until we are all healthy. Similarly we need foreigners for certain sectors to thrive for instance tourism, student exchange programs and so on.

We don't need politicians to run countries we need people who know what they are doing. But most of all we just need people to be human beings. People will need counseling especially with the lockdowns and curfews, multiple deaths all around, the stigma of being unwell and healing virus and the stress and depression that comes with loss of jobs.

The demand for digital trade finance solutions are growing in light of corona virus lockdowns, with technology companies saying the crisis could be a tipping point for the traditionally paper-heavy and manual business to go digital. Paperless cash options are also on the raise and have seen everyone including the “mama mboga” turning to this as a payment option.

In the transport industry stories of cargo being stuck at ports are not uncommon and it is therefore crucial that the transport sector adapts the use of tracking software to keep abreast on a real time basis on where their cargo is. Lucky for you we have a home grown solution Bluetrax that comes in handy to assist with this.

With being able to monitor movable assets from the safety of your home or while working offline as an option, one can also say that tracking and fleet management is an essential service. Quite honestly it is obvious that the tipping point is almost here and organizations together with policy makers world over will play a critical role in a embracing the changes that come with the increase digitization of trade and other sections in economy.

Life as we know it truly continues to change.

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