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The New Normal; Using Fleet Management Technology

Businesses are finding it tough to maintain a steady revenue as they cut down on certain activities to avoid the transmission of the COVID-19. Many businesses have found themselves having to navigate continuing “business as normal”. At this juncture however, features of a fleet management solution can be used wisely to help conduct jobs safely efficiently, and make a strong financial foundation for the future.

With the current increase in fuel costs and the increasing need to monitor vehicle movement, there are a number of ways that GPS tracking technology and its features can be a helpful tool for your entire fleet operation.

Analyze with Geofences

A geofence is a virtual fence or perimeter created using mapping software that allows the user to draw over the desired geographic area. These geofences once created, support reporting and real-time alerts. If there has been a reported COVID-19 case in a certain commercial building, fleet managers can create a geofence around that area, labelling it as a geographic location that drivers should not enter.

If a driver does cross into or leave that area, a supervisor can be alerted almost instantly so immediate action can be taken. This could be a great help for the employees and community as a whole in terms of contact tracing if necessary.


A key feature in the fleet management system is the ability to select multiple vehicles that you want to generate specific reports for. There is a choice to have multiple selections allowing you generate reports for the selected vehicles or for all vehicles.

This capability allows you to look back at historical reports and analyze which drivers have been to specific areas ensuring employee’s safety while accomplishing business’ goals.

Route replay

You can check the route history to track where drivers and technicians have been. In the event that an employee has potentially been exposed to COVID-19 or is symptomatic, for example, you can replay the route to see what geographic areas they recently visited, the specific stops made and length of each stop, all to aid in contact tracing if necessary.

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