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Preventive Maintenance for your fleet.

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Proper fleet maintenance can help you get more out of every aspect of your business as well as prevent unnecessary hits to your bottom line. The shelf life of your vehicles depends on repairs being done properly as well as on how timely they are done. Being able to have an overview of where things are serves as a great way to avoid unnecessary costs. But first, you need to establish and document the state of your vehicles in the present, then incorporate GPS technology that reports daily on the vehicle diagnostics. Consider this as a form of preventive maintenance, where we assist you lessen the likelihood of your vehicle breaking down unexpectedly and the losses thereafter.

RiverCross GPS tracking keeps you well-informed with data that is automatically recorded for the purpose of troubleshooting; which comes in handy when you are trying to debug a problem and exactly what occurred at a point in time. To make sure you get the most out of your purchase, you need to focus and maximize on what the system has to offer.

Fleet preventive maintenance involves a regular, routine check and scheduling to keep the fleet up and running, preventing any unplanned downtime and expensive costs. The following can help when looking to improve your maintenance scheduling;

Create a Service Schedule. You need to be proactive to the needs of your fleet. Vehicle breakdowns for example, are preventable and waiting for them to happen can be quite costly.

When maintaining the vehicles in your fleet, you need solutions that are able to be flexible, affordable and full of features that help you handle maintenance with ease. RiverCross’ Watchtower service incorporates both fleet management tools and manpower to help you schedule check-ups and maintenance not only in advance but also during an occurrence. Its countrywide presence ensures quick response to assistance with vehicle breakdowns, jumpstarts, flat tires, fuel delivery, towing among other services.

Identify and document trends. Tracking metrics like fuel used, miles driven, time spent on the road and vehicle history has made it easier for vehicle owners and managers. They no longer have to manually schedule maintenance; which has become a timely feature with the current Covid 19 Pandemic. Using these features assists you identify issues immediately and follow up on completed repairs remotely.

Monitor Usage. A proper GPS tracking system should allow you monitor your drivers’ every step. The RiverCross’ Driver management service, hence can be used to achieve preventive maintenance.

It allows you monitor daily wear and tear on the vehicle and routes taken to determine when to schedule the next maintenance. You can use the system to trigger an alert and send to fleet managers to remind them when to schedule maintenance. Such a preventive measure allows you budget and prepare for your future expenses.

As a fleet owner, your vehicles are your biggest asset.

On more information about fleet maintenance, consult with our experts on how you can save time and money with our Watchtower Service and GPS Tracking services.

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