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Logistics and GPS Tracking

Profit margins drive business; and in the transport sector, the shortest route, distance and timewise, go straight to your bottom line. RiverCross can help you manage the logistics headache with ease.

Save on Fuel

With our Live GPS tracking system, immediate alerts are vital in managing fuel usage. Our technology helps you serve your customers better by communicating realistic arrival times and promoting confidence in your company.

Essentially, create those efficacies that will allow you to gain more clients and service them quicker, ultimately growing your business. We bring this value-added tracking capability to you.

Minimize Unauthorized Use

Eliminate any unauthorized jobs by your team while they are on the clock by knowing where your vehicles and equipment are located with a simple glance. RiverCross tracking system allows you to create as many geofence alerts as you wish to know where your trucks should be every moment.

Reduce Costs

Incorporating the RiverCross’ live GPS tracking system gives you management tools that will significantly reduce your costs in fuel, manpower and vehicle repairs. With just a glance, you’ll know where your fleet is positioned to make decisions that could save millions. A comprehensive report can be customized and sent via email on alerts such as route deviations and over speeding.

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