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Is there hidden Value in your fleet?

In today’s challenging business landscape, the capability of an enterprise to deliver products or services to its customers in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the high quality of its products, service and support can be uncertain.

So here’s a look at a transport management solution- workshop module that will enable you achieve operations efficiency making your customers satisfied and you laughing all the way to the bank.

This exciting new addition to RiverCross product range is a stepping stone to help you become more efficient. Customer deliveries and recording of daily transport activities no longer has to be a tussle to the organization with this workshop module.

The solution gives you analytics and usage information for a specific vehicle as well as more detailed information including all trips, service schedules, maintenance history and the latest diagnostics data.

You get to keep a record on all fleet transactions, keeping an eye on efficiency, making you stand out compared to your competitors. And what better way is there, other than to effortlessly get recommendations from your customers as the most efficient and timely business?

The vehicle record provides a list of outstanding alerts for the vehicle as well as outstanding maintenance tasks. Maintenance actions can be assigned from the vehicle directly. The workshop module gives you the ability to register vehicles; details on information like date and make.

Looking to reduce unnecessary and untimely expenses? Well, TMS helps you monitor and keep record of vehicle maintenance and servicing. You get to keep a record on spare parts, fuel levels for all your vehicles and alerts that tell you the status of your vehicle. The beauty in all this, is you have the chance to request for what you want to monitor based on the kind of business you have as the system is customizable to suit your needs.Our customers’ needs in commercial transactions have prompted us to provide an industry

first solution that gives them more control and oversight.

But the opportunity you have here is not the ordinary. Yes, there is hidden value in your fleet. The most effective way to boost your perceived quality is to own your bad qualities and show how you are fixing them. How are your customer service skills? Are they timely, efficient? How much unnecessary costs do you face?

Someone once asked what’s in a name. More than a logo or a tagline in a particular colour in a particular font or design, your brand is the way the outside world views your company. It’s the language you use to express yourself, the way your employees dress, it is the look of your offices. Your brand is what makes each customer decide to choose you over a competitor.

So what are you doing to improve your business efficiency?

The higher the value of your brand, the harder it is for potential competitors to compete at your level. A brown table can be bought from thousands of shops, but people will travel from continent to continent for the same black table because of the perceived value and worth a business has. Grow your business efficiency with a solution that makes you stand out from the crowd!

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