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Increasing business Productivity with GPS vehicle tracking

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Vehicles and drivers can be the most expensive assets to fleet managers.

Fleet managers are constantly tasked with different responsibilities and they can get too busy ensuring the business runs smoothly. Therefore we will discuss how technology is key to increasing driver productivity.

With better route planning, the use of GPS Solutions helps save time and money. Using this system, the driver is able to decrease unnecessary mileage generating additional profit to your business. Having the ability to find the nearest driver on location for unexpected deliveries and calls depending on the business you run saves on valuable time as well as improves customer services.

When looking at increasing productivity in your business, proper maintenance is a factor to consider. Implementing daily or weekly inspections may not be enough; but by adding a GPS tracking solution you receive reports and alerts on the entire

status of your vehicle. You can now have your vehicle’s functionality at your fingertips. Because less vehicle downtime is equal to increased productivity.

Communication with the drivers is an absolute when working to increase productivity. Scheduling drivers trainings, refresher courses improves driver behavior which promotes road safety and vehicle maintenance.

With GPS tracking you can use the scorecards and performance reports for every driver to rate how they are performing at an individual level. Enrolling drivers in programs, working with drivers rather than against them will impact profits to your business.

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