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How to avoid Roadside Breakdowns

Roadside breakdowns are common and can happen at any time. As the year comes to an end, it is important to take up preventive mechanisms to ensure your fleet continues to be operational during the festive season.

Whether one of your employees is visiting a client or making a major delivery, malfunctions could arise and leave them stranded on the side of the road. In this guide, we give you a few tips about causes of breakdowns and an effective response strategy. We also demonstrate how RiverCross Tracking can maximize fleet productivity.

Tire Damage

Before your employees embark on trips, it is important to check tire pressure. Road hazards cause flat tires, which often result in major delays for businesses. Damaged tires can compromise driver safety hence the importance to stay away from potholes and objects on the road to help protect the vehicle’s wheels.

Dead Battery

The battery is responsible for powering up the vehicle which makes it an essential part of the vehicle. Faulty components could put your vehicle at risk, so it is important to make sure the drivers watch for depletion between trips.

Wear and Tear

Taking care of your vehicle's transmission is crucial in making sure it continues to run smoothly. Impromptu repairs and replacements can lead to huge expenses for your business.


A driver traveling in an unfamiliar area could run out of fuel or end up accidentally using the wrong fuel. By the time they realize how serious the situation is, the damage has been done. Efficient routing and fleet management can help ensure that your drivers are equipped to fill their tanks properly. This will help reduce the risk of preventable breakdowns and repairs.


Encourage your employees to pull over and call for help as soon as possible if their vehicle starts to overheat. In many cases, overheating is as a result of an issue with the cooling system. Monitoring the engine and cooling system regularly can mitigate potential issues and keep drivers safe on the road.

While there are many reasons for roadside breakdowns, you can minimize these risks by implementing the latest management strategies. Our tracking software and devices offer high-end technology and features so you can enjoy their benefits at a low cost. With live tracking, you can:

· Set up alerts to remind you when maintenance is due.

· Maintain records of performance histories.

· Monitor vehicle location throughout the day.

· Track driver behaviors likely to cause wear on your vehicles.

Contact Us to Help Prevent Breakdowns

WatchTower East Africa is a service that offers roadside assistance services; as vehicle breakdowns, fuel delivery, flat tyres and jumpstarts .Other services offered are driver and vehicle wellness, security response, recovery and towing services.

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