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Driver Wellness

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

As much as possible, considering routes and delivery periods; drivers should try to maintain a consistent bedtime and rest routine. If your drivers are feeling fatigued each morning and throughout the day, a lack of good quality sleep may be the problem. If so, lack of sleep can contribute to chronic fatigue and exhaustion. With better sleep routines comes greater endurance and higher energy levels. Fatigue has immediate risks to your drivers, including impaired driving and other safety concerns.

Driver wellness is a major issue for the transport industry. Majority of drivers have openly admitted to getting behind the wheel while feeling drowsy and sleepy. However, sleep deprivation is not just the issue of concern here for any truck owner but also the other anomalies that the driver encounters on the road. The RiverCross Fleet Management System; Driver and Vehicle Wellness gives you a report on both the driver and vehicle at pre-determined intervals based on the routes and location. In case of incidences, escalation is done immediately to the truck owner.

The RiverCross’ Driver Wellness, ensures drivers are aware of risk factors of safe driving, staying healthy for better productivity, and how to apply good wellness techniques for long-term driving safety and personal wellness. This package is offered under Watchtower East Africa and allows you provide better safety for your drivers, enabling you cut down on accident and litigation costs associated with fatigue driving.

If you would like to learn more about our driver and vehicle wellness service or you are interested in signing up to Watchtower East Africa; we are all about promoting safety as a core operating principle, Contact Us Today!

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