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Customer Success Story

One of the biggest expense in any organization is fuel. In most organizations, this directly translates to a high cost in allowance compensation for the staff members when making external trips.

A case study was done with one of our existing clients on the integrity of trip made by the staff. For each external trip staff members were given an allowance to cater to the cost of fuel, accommodation and internal trip reimbursement.

On average the company had 10 external trips taking place affecting 20 personnel’s on a monthly basis. Each personnel received a remittance for every external trip made from the local office. In total, the cost of trip allowance amounted to 15M.

Upon installation of GPS/ GPRS and adequate training, the client was able to clearly monitor the trips done by the staff. With the advanced fleet management system reports, the Transport Officer was able to generate reports indicating the trips made and the mileage covered. The process was also included in their Quality Management System (QMS) process to be used as a procedure to vet genuine trips done.

The company has also gone ahead to procure the Fuel Management System that will measure the fuel consumption of their fleet.

The results of this audit has seen the organisation save a whopping 9 Million. An amount that would have gone to cater to reimbursement of trip and fuel in one month.

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