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Cost Saving Tips for fleet owners during a pandemic

Now more than ever, for fleet owners there is need to achieve greater cost savings. Reducing financial and health liabilities are both key to cost control.

Reduce Insurance Liabilities:

Integrated cameras offered by RiverCross can be of great significance during such a pandemic. Dash cams can help provide valuable visual evidence against false or inaccurate accident and insurance claims, which can result in lost revenue. The BT Vehicle Camera Surveillance video can help to reduce accidents that could lead to costly repair and litigation fees. With the critical need to deliver goods still ever-present, promoting safe driving behavior will also help maintain an uninterrupted supply chain for your business.

Cost Saving on fleet maintenance:

Keeping the company’s fleet in good condition is vital. Losing several vehicles or even one of them due to unexpected breakdowns can cause considerable losses and complications in scheduled operations. Moreover, with the pandemic which requires we work remotely, pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspection is likely not to happen. This will lead to overdue maintenance, disruptions in business and unforeseen expenses. In the worst-case scenarios, the safety of drivers can also be put at risk.

To avoid maintenance-related headache RiverCross Tracking Limited offers a solution. The process of fleet maintenance can be automated with the help of GPS tracking devices. Tracking maintenance schedules becomes trouble-free by setting reminders when the vehicles need service based on mileage or other parameters. Information about unexpected faults and problems will also be sent to the owner, so they could be solved fast.

Watchtower East Africa is a service that can also assist with fleet maintenance. We assist with roadside assistance services; as vehicle breakdowns, fuel delivery, flat tyres and jumpstarts .Other services offered are security response, recovery and towing services. Driver and vehicle wellness is a service where we check and report back in case of an anomalies. These services will sure come in handy during this pandemic, helping you save an extra coin.

Each business is facing its own set of challenges during this pandemic. During these uncertain times, it is critical for those companies that rely on fleet vehicles to focus on the tips above to help improve driver efficiency, safety and connectivity. This will help keep these organizations resilient in the long run while keeping employees safe and the costs down.

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