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Correcting Course; Post-Covid Recovery

Transport is a key sector in the global economy and by employing digital solutions within working processes, fleet managers stand to benefit. On a course to Post-Covid recovery, operational advancement means shifting from top-down decision-making, empowering teams guided by data and powered by technology.

Transporters who embrace the Internet of Things; the network of software and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other systems over the Internet, will be best positioned to benefit from the inevitable economic bang beyond the pandemic.

Fleet management software can track driver behavior, accurately monitor fuel consumption and optimize routes and trips. This ensures tangible value that gives fleet managers data-based business intelligence to future proof their operations.

Using a fleet management system to monitor vehicle and driver performance isn't enough. However, using data collected to coach employees on safe driving behavior, fleet management technology can help for example contribute to lower insurance premiums.

The pandemic has shown emphases for the need for the transport and logistics industry to accelerate the adoption of responsive ways of working and provide fundamental value to stakeholders and customers. Before business starts to incline, it might be a good time to reach out to unhappy clients to remedy the situation. This can help boost future business and reinforce the relationship with long-term customers.

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