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Rhino Charge 2018- Another Great Success!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Rhino Charge is an event organised to raise funds in support of Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust, which works towards the conservation and protection of Kenya's mountain range ecosystems. Once again, (for the eleventh consecutive year) RiverCross Tracking installed GPS tracking devices on the off-road event aimed at raising funds and awareness in the support and awareness for activities of Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust.

Since the devices are designed to withstand extreme environments, they provide the fast and reliable communications expected in these out of reach locations. The challenging conditions are no match as the RiverCross team worked to provide reliable, seamless transmission of vital GPS position data over the course of the event.

The devices are trusted by the event organizers to provide uninterrupted and reliable connectivity for large transmissions even when the conditions surrounding the devices are severe.

Mark Glen car 48 wins this years’ Rhino Charge 2018 completing all 13 checkpoints in 31.25 Km.The event raised 182 million shillings with a further 4.5 mil to host community projects.For more infrmation, visit

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