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Vehicle tracking; solution to government institutions.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Movable assets such as vehicles and motor cycles play a a vital role in meeting the needs of the local community. However, they at the same time carry strain on the overall budget due to their maintenance cost.

In light of the constant budget concerns, RiverCross Tracking in partnership with government institution has come with efficient ways to lower costs related to fleet.

Fleet tracking allows agencies to ensure their local government vehicles are performing as efficiently as possible, reducing the amount of money spent on vehicle repair and fuel.It also improves service for the local community through timely and efficient dispatching of vehicles while making the job of the fleet’s drivers easier with accurate routing. Fleet tracking ensures everyone who is touched by local government vehicles has their needs properly met.

With a large number of people and units that the governments serve, one of the major challenges they face is the scalability of any system. At RiverCross, we recognize this and have developed models that can be replicated across segments. Even when tested by larger operational demands, we are capable of maintaining or even increasing the level of performance or efficiency of our system at any given point; be it an increasing number of vehicles or supporting an unlimited number of increasing users county wide.

Our servers handle large amounts of data on a daily basis and are equipped to handle more depending on what the client requires.We always look forward to work with various stakeholders to empower and support them through our technical stronghold.

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