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Carefree Easter Holiday

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Easter holiday is here. Right?Time to kick back, relax and hit the road to the latest vacation​ spot.Sounds great, right?

Well, when you manage a bunch of drivers, this can mean doom for your business.

Most likely, your business relies on fuel and fleet efficiency to operate on a day to day basis as almost all business’ do.

Carefree Easter with fuel efficiency, fleet tracking

But think about the costs you are about to incur especially with the large fleet of drivers out on the road and probable fluctuating fuel prices this festive season.

I am sure it is getting difficult to keep tabs on who’s doing what, when and where.So here are a few tips on managing fuel efficiency to help you control those bills as you head out;

Fuel in, fuel out

Okay, a gallon litre of fuel stolen from one vehicle right now may possibly seem non-enormous. But not so, when over a thousand fleet of trucks seem to have mysteriously lost gallons of fuel overnight. Integrating your vehicle with a car tracking system helps you keep tabs on the vehicle’s fuel tank. Alerts and detailed reports are captured and sent to the vehicle owner in case of fuel siphoning.

Keep alert

This holiday is likely to tempt drivers leave vehicles idle in between jobs. If you track your driver’s idling time, you realize how much of that waiting around harms your business’ returns, value and fuel budget.

Head out this season sure of better fuel control

and accountability for your vehicles-then you decide how realistic it is.

Let this coming weekend be of joy and relaxation. Do not allow yourself face huge expenses, instead increase your fleet’s efficiency and keep smiling.

Meanwhile check out our Facebook, twitter, linked in pages for more fuel efficiency, vehicle tracking, and fleet management tips this holiday.

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