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The tracker is scripted with a software that enables users to view, analyze and disseminate information, receive automated reports and alerts via email or SMS messages. This information is accessible from the desktop and smart devices.


The system is designed in order to manage drivers as well as ensure only authorized drivers are able to access their respective vehicles. This system contains hardware such as an RFID tag/card RFID reader MPTRX and unit. The vehicle starts only after a swipe of their card which is how the driver is recognized.

Our Driver Management System allows organizations to better manage driver access to vehicles and monitor performance of drivers. The solution is very useful for improved safety and human resource administration.


  • Drivers Authenticate Using Unique Keys To Access Vehicle

  • Advanced Administration Software For Access Control

  • Analytics For Driver Performance

  • Automatic Alerts Warning Of Driver Danger Of Violations


This is a system whose overall objective is to detect siphoning of fuel from a vehicle’s fuel tank. It involves the installation of a fuel rod in the vehicle’s fuel tank which is then calibrated against the amount of fuel that is in the tank. This data is transmitted to our servers via a tracker.

The solution is designed to maintain, measure, control and monitor fuel consumption as well as stock on a real-time basis. This technology has successfully been used help curb theft and reduce wastage improving your bottom line.


  • Real-time Fuel Data Capture

  • Alerts Sent For Sudden Drops In Fuel Level

  • Detailed Analytics On Fuel Efficiency Rate

  • Inventory Control Tool And Interface


FMS is a management based tool that curbs safety and security threats, a major industry concern. The tool enables extensive tracking of vehicles as well as ensuring that the set journey parameters related to safety and security are adhered to.

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