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Speed Governors.

Accidents involving your fleet of vehicles can be an expensive affair beginning from the legal wrangles; not to forget how easily lives can be lost. Speed is the major cause of death and with the rise, speed limiting technology looks set to become mandatory for all commercial vehicles in Kenya. The National Transport and Safety Authority has released the approved speed governor list of vendors. RiverCross Tracking has in turn associated with one of these vendors improving your fleet and employee safety.

BT speed governor is our solution we have carefully packaged to give our clients the consistent and desired results. The speed governor comes with a tracking device that allows you keep up with the location of the asset. 

The BT speed governor is designed for car speed limitation, different with common speed governor it can work in all types of vehicles. It does not need to make wire connection with accelerator and will not bring any damage to the car. What is more, it has an on-board GPS module which provides real-time location data.

The hardware is built to ensure it provides reliable service, even after many years of use with your vehicle. The system supports speed data and with our GPS tracking feature it can offer more protection to your car.


RiverCross Tracking is a member of the Kenya Automotive Security Association (KASA) that brings together all GPS service providers and tracking specialists. With a dedicated a team of engineers and technicians available around-the-clock to provide technical help, BT Speed governor is the right solution to your speed governing needs.

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