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RiverCross dedicated team

RiverCross is a vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions provider. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled software engineers, combining over 20 years of international software engineering experience in the field of remote asset management and monitoring.

We are among the largest local providers of these services in East Africa with over 10,000+ assets currently being actively monitored on our system!

As a technology based company, we have developed our own exclusive software, Bluetrax which has superior features that enables us to come up with tailor made solutions.

Our system combines a user friendly software with globally tested asset monitoring units that use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and an array of local and global communication channels, to provide effective Advanced Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions.

At RiverCross, we pride ourselves in innovation, cutting edge technology, exceptional technical support capability and the ability to customize our solutions to meet the needs of our customers.


"To be the most successful mobile asset monitoring company in the  Horn Of Africa, Eastern and Central Africa (HECA) region as measured by customer satisfaction and market capitalization by 2020" 


To enable people to monitor mobile assets using innovative location based technology.

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